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Electrical Products


The ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS DIVISION is the largest division of this kind in Oman,dealing in a broad range of products covering the entire electrical requirements of power and building services projects. The division represents more than 40 principals worldwide. The sale is effected by technical staff and through extensive stocks. The following range of products are available as a single point source for utilities, EPC Contractors, O&M Contractors, Procurement Agencies and Retailers :

Power Generation
• Generators • Motors • Transformers • LV & MV Switchgear (LV To 220 KV) • Bus Ducts, Control & Relay Panels • Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting Systems • LV & MV Cables and Cable Management Systems, Trays, Ladders etc. • Earthing & Lightning protection

Transmission & Distribution Products
• Wood Poles / Steel Towers • CSR / AAAC / Insulated Conductors • Porcelain / Silicon Rubber Insulators (LT to 220 KV) • Preformed Line Fittings & Accessories • Overhead Line Fittings and Hardware (LT to 220 KV)
• Cross Arms and Accessories • Power & Distribution Transformers • LV & MV Indoor / Outdoor Switchgears, Ring Main units.
• CTs, PTs, CVTs for Substations • Overhead Line and Substation Disconnectors (11kv to 220 kv) • LV, MV & HV Cables & Cable Management Systems • Cable Termination & Jointing Kits • Earthing & Lighting Protection

Building Services
• LV & MV Switchgears, Distribution Boards, Light Fittings • LV & MV Cables and Wires • UPS and DC Power Supply Units • Fire Alarms Systems • Solar Power Supply Units • Cable Management Systems (Trays / Trunkings / Ladders and Accessories)

Street Lighting & Illumination
• Galvanised Steel Poles for Street Lighting, High Masts for Stadium / Parade Grounds / Ports etc. • Flood - Lights / Lanterns • Light Fixtures • Lamps

Special Products
• LV & MV Substation Packages & Skids • Containerised Switch Rooms • Cathodic Protection - Survey, Design and Supply of Materials



Our Values

GEPC focuses on the essential theme of Project Management-the synergy of Engineering, Procurement and Construction activities, to achieve a quality project, delivered on time, within budget and built utilizing the best engineering practises.
Creating and maitaining the Culture and environment in which people are able to achieve their protential. Commitment to customers, employees, partners and suppliers.
Aspiring excellence through innovation, Demonstrating excellence through knowledge and measuring excellence through productivity.