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Mechanical Products


The broad categories of equipment available include :

Air Conditioning Equipment
• Packaged Chillers both Air-Cooled &Water Cooled • Air-Cooled Roof Top Packaged Units and Condensing Units • Air Handling units (DX and Chilled Water) • DX Split Units • Fan Coil Units (DX and Chilled Water) • Close Control Units for the Computer & Telecommunications Industry.

• Industrial Extract & Supply Fans

Building Management Systems
• Analog & Digital Controls

• Aluminium, Hepa, Bag, Panel and other types of Filters.

Compressors & Condensing Units for Cold Store Applications
Air Distribution
• Grilles, Diffusers, Sound Reduction Units, Volume Control Dampers, Fire Dampers and associated equipment.

Process Heating
• Packaged Fire Tube and Water Tube, Steam Boilers and Hot Water Boilers.

Cooling Towers
• Fibreglass, Stainless Steel & Galvanised Steel Cooling Towers

Pipes, Valves & Fittings for Water Services, Compressed Air, 
Oil & Gas and other Fluids.

Pumps for Water Services

• Fibreglass and Polystyrene Foam in boards, 
Rolls & Pipe Sections.

Adhesives & Vapour Barriers

Ducting Material, Flanges, Plain Aluminium Foil,

Self Adhesive Pins, Gasket & Cleats

Heat Pipes & Dehumidification Equipment

Solar Water Heaters for Domestic Hot Water

Ozone Generators and Air Purification Equipment

HVAC Spare Parts and Accessories
• Sealed/Semi-Sealed Compressors • F.H.P. Compressor • Refrigerant Gas • Refrigerant Oil • Coils Cleaning Chemicals
• Fan Motors, Relays, Capacitors, Timers, Contactors, etc. • Filter Dryers and Expansion Valves • Copper Pipes, Copper Coils and Fittings & Accessories • Rubber Insulation for Copper Pipe


Our Values

GEPC focuses on the essential theme of Project Management-the synergy of Engineering, Procurement and Construction activities, to achieve a quality project, delivered on time, within budget and built utilizing the best engineering practises.
Creating and maitaining the Culture and environment in which people are able to achieve their protential. Commitment to customers, employees, partners and suppliers.
Aspiring excellence through innovation, Demonstrating excellence through knowledge and measuring excellence through productivity.