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MEP Services


Mechanical systems, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning

• Comfort cooling for offices, airports, theatres, shopping complexes, hotels and hospitals
• industrial air conditioning for pharmaceutical plants, nuclear reactors, electronics assemblies, textile mills and others
• Marine air conditioning for luxury liners, naval vessels, cargo ships
• Transport air conditioning for passenger coaches, ambulances, Metro Railway systems
• Customized air conditioning for mortuaries, drilling platforms and other specialized applications.

Refrigeration systems

• Ice plants
• Cold storages
• Industrial refrigeration system consisting of brine chilling

Other mechanical services

• Medical gas system for hospitals
• Vehicle fumes exhaust system
• Compressed air system
• Mono-rail hoists
• Pressurisation and smoke exhaust system

Electrical systems

• Electrical switchyards and substations
• Power and lighting distribution
• Indoor lighting
• Emergency power including captive plant
• Fire alarm system
• Security system
• Communication system
• Entertainment system
• Information system
• Building Management System, incl. energy management

Public health systems

• Rain water, cold water, treated water, raw water and hot water installations
• Underground and above-ground drainage
• Fire fighting installatiions, dry and wet riser installations
• Sanitary fixtures
• Sprinkler, fire fightingand inergen gas system
• Water treatment and steam system (boilers, water calorifiers, water softeners, filters)


Our Values

GEPC focuses on the essential theme of Project Management-the synergy of Engineering, Procurement and Construction activities, to achieve a quality project, delivered on time, within budget and built utilizing the best engineering practises.
Creating and maitaining the Culture and environment in which people are able to achieve their protential. Commitment to customers, employees, partners and suppliers.
Aspiring excellence through innovation, Demonstrating excellence through knowledge and measuring excellence through productivity.